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Travelers booking with Pets Can Stay hotels can rest assured that all properties displaying the animal friendly premium certification seal are members in good standing of the Pets Can Stay premium group of properties. All hotels where pets are welcome displaying the Pets Can Stay internationally recognized certification symbol have met or exceeded certain pet friendly related conditions and criteria.

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You often think of how nice it would be to take a vacation but you won´t travel without your beloved best pet pal right beside you. In fact, so many people feel the same way you do, that hotels consistently lose thousands of dollars each year because they don´t allow pets. However, those hotels that do allow pets know how important it is for a pet owner to be able to take along their pet while on vacation.

Pet Friendly Hotels Can Save Pet Owners Money

In addition to having your pet with you while traveling, booking a stay at an animal friendly hotel can add money to your vacation budget because you won´t have to pay to board your pet or have someone pet sit while you are gone. More importantly, you won´t be worrying about your pet while on vacation since he/she is with you!

Roomier, More Spacious Hotel Accommodations

Many pro-dog and pro-cat establishments offer larger rooms and suites to accommodate families traveling with their furry friend. Since you may want to bring along extra pet items that remind your furry pal of home (bed, litter box, cat trees, etc.), hotel rooms may incorporate designated areas just for your pet´s own personal use.

Special Meals and Internet Access

Many places with pro-pet policy also offer fresh, nutritious meals, treats and snacks for your furry companion so you don´t need to pack bulky cans of food and packages that take up space in your luggage. Additionally, some hotels provide the ability for guests to view their pets over the Internet if they need to leave them in their hotel room for a few hours.

Let Pets Can Stay Help You and Your Animal Friend Enjoy a Great Vacation

Pets Can Stay allows you to enjoy the experience of traveling with your constant companion without worrying about finding a place to stay that welcomes both you and your puppy. With the increasing popularity of vacationers taking their pets along on vacation (after all, pets are members of the family), more hotels are switching from all-human to animal friendly and incorporating a variety of appropriate amenities just for pets.

Find the perfect hotel for you, your family and the family pets to stay while on vacation at Pets Can Stay and you won´t need to worry about leaving your four-legged furry pal alone at home.


Latest articles / pet travel