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If you are a Traveler

Pets Can Stay is most comprehensive, full-service pet friendly hotel source for people who travel with pets. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional and personalized information on premium certified hotels to ensure that your next pet-inclusive trip is exactly as you want it. Whether you’re traveling with your pet for business or pleasure, PetsCanStay.com listings are your first and best choice for pet friendly hotels.

What‘s the best part about Pets Can Stay? Our information resources and travel tools are absolutely free! Bid farewell to long hours toiling at the computer browsing endless pet travel websites, and instead let PetsCanStay.com take the guesswork out of planning your next trip. Our vast online certified pet friendly hotel and accommodation provider listings will supply you with a variety of certified pet friendly establishments and pet friendly travel tools to ensure your pet‘s stay is just as wonderful as yours!

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If you are a hotel

Pets Can Stay (PCS) is a nationally recognized organization involved in the marketing and certification of pet friendly travel hotels.

Our primary mandate is to promote market and support pet friendly accommodations. We assist accommodation providers in the development of their pet guest programs and increasing awareness with pet owners of the services and resources available to them when traveling with their pets.

According to the Travel Industry Association of America over 29 million Americans have traveled with their pets in the last 3 years and 63% of pet owners would extend their stay if they could bring their pet.

PCS properties may display a hyperlink linking visitors directly into their hotel booking system. Thousands of properties are certified with Pets Can Stay, from five star hotels/resorts to family-owned bed & breakfast as Pets Can Stay promotes certified properties through a social media strategy and advertising program with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, PCS also offers the certification program to corporate and franchise chains at reduced rates

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