• Q1: Does it cost more to book through Pets Can Stay?

    Not at all. Our hotels accept pets and welcomes pet toting travellers with the same level of service, hospitality and great savings that would be offered to pets without guests.

  • Q2: I like dealing with Pets Can Stay. Can I also use your agency when I am not travelling with my pet.

    Yes. Although the majority of our bookings are pet-related, many of our customers choose Pets Can Stay Travel Services for all of their travel needs. Because we are a full-service travel agency, we can accommodate cruise, air flight, car rental, resort package and additional travel requests for destinations across the globe.

  • Q3: Is there such a thing as travel insurance for pets?

    There are a variety of pet insurance policies, which are tailored to suit the needs of each individual pet. Costs may vary depending if your plan includes basic emergency care coverage (should your pet requiring medical attention for illness or injury) or more comprehensive ´head to tail´ preventive coverage plans.

  • Q4: Do Pets Can Stay establishments accept more than one pet per visitor?

    During high season or during special events, there may be an unusually high number of pets staying at Pets Can Stay establishments so always confirm in advance. Most Pets Can Stay establishments do accept more than one pet per visitor. Your Pets Can Stay Travel Services agent will check with the host prior to making your travel booking.

  • Q5: Do certified establishments carry any food for my pet, or do I have to bring that myself?

    Some Pets Can Stay establishments are able to provide a certain amount of food for emergency situations, but you should always ensure you bring enough to get your pet through the time away from home. As many animals are on special diets etc. and/or have particular preferences it is always best to plan ahead and bring your own.

  • Q6: Why are accommodation providers bothering to get certified?

    Certain hotels and accommodation providers strive to enrich the experience of travellers and their pets. They are proud to serve this market and want the traveller to know that not only will you be welcomed but your pet will be as well. The nationally recognized Pets Can Stay symbol assures you and your pet that you will be welcomed, hospitably accommodated and offered certain standard amenities while staying at a Pets Can Stay establishment. Wherever the logo is displayed, guests can take comfort in the knowledge that this establishment adheres to consistent pet-related standards, criteria and guidelines as laid out by the Pets Can Stay program.