Pets Can Stay Criteria

Guaranteeing Tail Wagging Travels For You And Your Pet

At Pets Can Stay, we hold the accommodations featured on our website to the highest of standards in terms of pet comfort and care by ensuring they adhere to these 8 points:

  1. Service – The establishment must not only be pet-inclusive, but treat pet-toting travelers with the same level of respect, service and hospitality as those who aren't bringing their four-legged friends along for the ride.
  2. Reasonable Pet Fees – We believe that a reasonable pet fee is one that covers any additional cleaning costs and/or maintenance that the lodging may incur because of a dog, cat, or other pet. What this fee should not be, however, is unreasonably high or act as a financial penalty simply because a traveler has an animal with them.
  3. First Rate Accommodations – This includes rooms with smoking and non-smoking options. Apart from federal, state, provincial and/or municipal health regulations and other related codes, our Pets Can Stay promise includes guaranteeing that guests and their pets are not be subjected by substandard accommodations. This means ensuring that the rooms are clean, in good condition, and that pets are not forced to stay in secondary or inadequate living quarters (i.e. in a storage room, on the balcony, in a garage, etc.).
  4. Fair Kenneling Policies – No pet should be expected to be kenneled throughout the entire duration of a guest's stay. Hotels listed on the Pets Can Stay website allow for pets to be outside of a kennel once a guest is in the room and under the supervision of their owners. On the contrary, instances can arise where kenneling a pet may be fair or necessary. An example of a reasonable and logical kenneling policy for the Pets Can Stay would be:

    • a) Pets must be kenneled or leashed at all times when in public areas of the establishment and/or;
    • b) Pets are not to be left unattended in the room

  5. Safe Environment – Pet designated rooms and common areas within the establishment must be free of any objects or substances which could pose a danger or risk to a pet (i.e. small objects, toxic plants, hazardous cleaning materials, etc.).
  6. A Written and Comprehensive Pet Policy – For the protection of both the establishment and the traveler, a written and well detailed pet policy should be available upon request. This policy should include all pet-related policies that are in effect, such as room policies, leash policies, pet-friendly areas, and so on.
  7. Food and Water Bowls – The accommodations featured on Pets Can Stay should have amenities and services available for both people and pets. Just as we may leave a toothbrush or razor behind, pet owners should also feel confident knowing their pets can eat and drink from clean and appropriate feeding receptacles when staying at a pet-inclusive hotel.
  8. A Licensed Accommodation Provider – Lastly, in order for an accommodation to be considered for Pets Can Stay certification, they must be licensed and accredited to provide travel accommodations for the region it operates within.