Frequently Asked Questions

Providing the Answers You and Your Pet Need to Know

  • Q1: Why do hotels become Pets Can Stay certified?

    With the myriad of accommodations that travelers now have to choose from, a growing number of hotel and accommodation providers are striving to enrich the travel experience for all guests – including pet guests. Hotels boasting our Pets Can Stay certification seal are proud to serve the pet-toting traveler and their fuzzy family members. The seal of approval allows them to be easily recognized as an establishment that not only has the services and amenities available to satisfy you and your pet, but that they meet and adhere to our strict standards that will ensure a relaxing stay.

  • Q2: Is it more costly to book through Pets Can Stay than through other websites?

    Not at all! Each of the accommodations featured on our website welcomes pets and their owners with the same level of service, hospitality, and great savings as they would guests without a four-legged companion.

  • Q3: Do Pets Can Stay establishments accept more than one pet per visitor?

    While most accommodations listed on our website do accept more than one pet, certain circumstances may arise in which a particular establishment may limit guests to bringing one pet per visitor. If you're considering bringing more than one pet along for the ride, our Pets Can Stay Travel Services agents can check and confirm with the host of your chosen accommodation prior to booking.

  • Q4: What is travel insurance for pets and do I need it?

    Much like any insurance policy, there are a variety of pet travel insurance policies that you may wish to consider before setting out on a trip. Costs also vary depending on the provider, premiums and extent of coverage (i.e. basic emergency care versus “head to tail” preventative coverage).

  • Q5: Do certified establishments provide food for my pet?

    Generally, no. While certified Pets Can Stay hotels and accommodations may provide some amenities to pet owners (such as food and water bowls), owners should make sure that they have enough food that is familiar to your pet for the duration of the trip to keep your furry friend happy, healthy, and comfortable.