Industry Alliances

Pets Can Stay works with a number of national, regional and local organizations in a concerted effort to support travellers with pets by raising awareness and making pet travel more convenient and accessible. From tourism industry relationships to partnerships with pet industry organizations, Pets Can Stay's collaborative approach helps pool the knowledge base and skill sets of these industry fields to provide pet and travel related resources that are authoritative and comprehensive. Aside from supporting the traveller, these relationships function to strengthen ties within and between the pet and hospitality industry disciplines and benefit these markets as a whole.

Pets Can Stay is always seeking to establish new relationships with industry organizations looking to support this market. For more information on how Pets Can Stay can work with your organization, please click here and submit an online inquiry form.

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Pet Industry Alliances

From supporting pet-related events and clubs, to compiling pet service provider data to refer to its client base, to cross-promotional activities across various media, Pets Can Stay seeks to develop strong relationships with various pet industry partners. The outcome of these cooperative relationships helps to unify the North American industry, provide new opportunities within the tourism and hospitality market and provide increased resources for travellers with pets.

PIJAC CanadaNational Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council of Canada (PIJAC Canada) was formed in 1988 to represent and protect the interests of the Canadian pet industry. PIJAC Canada‘s goals are simple: to promote and represent all segments of the pet industry, to establish appropriate and generally accepted standards of care, and to promote the importance of pets to Canadians… Read More

Tourism Industry Alliances

Pets Can Stay works with tourism organizations at all levels to market and support various regions to the pet traveller market. Cooperative activities include targeted marketing campaigns, online travel resources, identifying certified establishments in various accommodation guides and promoting the distribution of regional tourism guides across the country. These collaborative relationships serve to drive business to the various regions by effectively reaching traveller with pets through a number of channels, and tie-in opportunities with pet industry organizations that reach a larger market.

the Hotel Association of Canada (HAC)National Founded in 1913, the Hotel Association of Canada (HAC) is the national organization representing the lodging industry in Canada. Our membership encompasses the provincial and territorial hotel associations, the corporate hotel chains, independent hotels, motels and resorts and many suppliers to the hotel industry… Read More

The Council of Tourism Associations of BC (COTA)Regional The Council of Tourism Associations of BC (COTA) is a federation of organizations and businesses representing an industry of more than 18,000 tourism businesses throughout British Columbia. As the voice of the tourism industry, COTA works with government, the business community, media and the industry to create a positive working environment in which tourism businesses can grow and thrive… Read More