Inspection & Compliance


Pets Can Stay may perform onsite verifications of member properties following completion of the certification process. Onsite verifications are performed for a variety of reasons, ranging from follow-up on traveler feedback on the property, to research for a feature piece in the Pets Can Stay Travel Services newsletter. In certain regions, where Pets Can Stay works with the provincial/state tourism or hotel/lodging association to identify PCS Certified properties in that province/state's accommodation guide, Pets Can Stay onsite verifications may be performed by an existing regulatory body and are incorporated into that regulatory body’s existing inspection cycle.

Maintaining the standards for certification is a critical element of every verification, by ensuring that the property‘s pet-related policies and services continue to meet the requirements of their certification designation. In order to continue driving return business to each certified establishment, Pets Can Stay and its accommodation provider partners need to assure the traveler that we are collectively committed to meeting their needs.

In general, the verification will examine the establishment‘s overall environment, pet-designated rooms, available products and services, and written documentation of policies and local pet service providers that must be made available to guests. The results of the verification will be compared against the program‘s minimum requirements and the documentation filed by the property for certification in the Pets Can Stay program. Regardless of onsite verification, each property must sign a declaration that states they are in full compliance with the Pets Can Stay program, and that they will continue to maintain such standards, in order to become Certified with Pets Can Stay.


Aside from physical verifications, Pets Can Stay maintains regular contact with all certified properties to assist in ongoing maintenance of the program and ensure that locations receive support in servicing the needs of patrons with pets. Consumers who have questions concerning a property‘s delivery of the Pets Can Stay standards are encouraged to contact the Pets Can Stay Compliance Officer at the contact information below. All reports and enquiries are held in strict confidence and will not be released to the property in question or any other third party. All enquiries are investigated by Pets Can Stay.


All complaints are investigated by Pets Can Stay. Although there are many factors that might contribute to a complaint, should a property receive multiple complaints that are subsequently validated through investigation, their certification may be suspended or revoked. In such instances, any third-party organizations that are currently recognizing the certified status of such a property will be notified of the change in the property‘s certification status. Pets Can Stay endeavors to approach any complaints against a property with a fair and balanced analysis. In the event that a suspension or revocation is determined by the Compliance Officer to be the best course of action, all certified properties will be given an opportunity to appeal to the certification board during a Period of Notice. The Period of Notice is a period in which a property is notified that a suspension or revocation is imminent; however, during this period no action will be taken in order to provide the property the opportunity to appeal the decision.

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