International Travel

International Travel - US, Canada and Mexico have pet friendly hotelsMost cities in the US, Canada and Mexico have pet friendly hotels and accommodation providers that are eager and willing to accept and hospitably welcome guests of the two and four legged variety. However, if you are considering bringing your dog or cat along with you for some pet friendly travel overseas, let´s say to Europe or Australia, there are several factors to consider including vaccine requirements, pet quarantines and pet immigration rules.

Each country has its own rules and guidelines for admitting pets based on their government´s regulations. Contact your government for current guidelines regarding pet immigration and travelling with pets (in the US contact the US Department of Agriculture – Animal Plant and Health Inspection Service at, in Canada contact the Canadian Food Inspection Agency – Animal Health Offices at It is also advisable to contact the Ministry of Agriculture in your destination country to obtain their rules and regulations first hand.

Be sure that you have all the necessary documents and forms required by your destination country´s governing body. It is recommended that pet owners create a ´pet passport´, a collection of all the pertinent forms and records required for entering the country including vaccination records, health records, permanent ID numbers, etc. Since most regulations are based on health issues and concerns, rabies being the most significant, it is important that you are familiar with your destination country´s restrictions. Countries that have been deemed ´rabies free´ tend to be quite strict, and may not allow pets at all without a minimum quarantine period.

Another issue to consider is breed specific legislation and bans. Some countries, like Italy for example, have imposed complete bans on particular breeds, and will not allow entry for that breed under any circumstance, regardless of temperament. The best way to avoid being surprised or turned away upon entry is to be well prepared and educated regarding your destination´s rules and regulations on pet immigration.