10 Things Your Vet Wants You to KnowWhen you take your dog or cat to the vet, your time with the doctor may be short, or it may be filled with the distractions of a wiggly pet. Before you go, it might help to know these 10 important facts that your vet wishes you knew.

1. Talk to us clearly!
Make your goals for the visit clear, so he can help you reach them.

2. Ask questions!
If you don’t understand treatment or diagnosis, then ask. Your vet wants what is best for your pet, and this requires a full understanding.

3. Be careful with Google!
The Internet can be quite helpful, but Google is not the place to go for a diagnosis of your pet’s condition.

4. We take calls.
Not all concerns require a trip in, but a quick call can bring confirmation as to whether or not the problem could be serious.

5. Your pet can cause allergies.
There is no such thing as a non-allergenic pet. Some may not have as much of an impact, but all are allergenic to those affected by these allergies.

6. Pure breeds aren’t better.
That dog you paid $1,000 for is probably going to have more health problems than the mutt across the street. The more variety in the dog’s genetic makeup, the healthier it is likely to be.

7. Pain relief is important.
If you think your pet is in pain, demand pain relief. Even if the vet cannot cure the condition, he should be able to offer a pain free treatment plan.

8. Human medicines are for humans.
You might be tempted to give your dog an ibuprofen, but doing so could kill him.

9. Don’t skip preventative appointments.
Yes, those yearly visits are expensive, but the cost of treating a very serious health
condition will be far greater.

10. We can help with behavior too.
If your pet is having a behavior problem, your vet can help. Don’t rely on them only for health concerns.

10 Things Your Vet Wants You to Know,

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