Does My Dog Need Obedience School?


Does your dog need obedience training? If he hasn’t had any exposure with obedience school, then the answer is probably a resounding “yes.” However, if you aren’t sure, here are some signs to look for that may mean a trip to obedience school is a good idea.


Is Your Dog a Puppy?


If your dog is a puppy, then obedience school is a must, unless you know how to do the same training at home. Puppies are ready and eager pupils, and they haven’t yet learned bad behaviors. Obedience school can help prevent them from developing negative behaviors, and help instill the right behaviors in them. Training them young is much easier than trying to train them when they are older.


Is Your Dog Acting Out?


If your dog is exhibiting behavior you don’t like, and your own training methods are not working, it’s time for obedience school. Keep in mind that it might take longer to train an older dog, but older dogs can, and should, be trained. Kinds of behaviors to look for include:


  • Not coming when called
  • Jumping on people
  • Excessive barking
  • Pulling at leash on walks


Remember, it’s never too late to train a dog. If you think your dog’s behavior could use a some improvement, then invest in some obedience school training. Both of you will benefit, and your relationship will become stronger, more enjoyable and relaxed as a result.

Should your little angel be in obedience school?,

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