How Do I Know If It Is Too Cold Outside For My Pet?

Winter weather has hit in many parts of the world, and this means that pet owners need to be attentive to the needs of their pets. If your pet is one that spends time outdoors, the winter can be a dangerous time of year. Keep your furry family member safe with these crucial tips.

Bring Them In
Even if your pet is primarily an outdoor pet, bring him in when the temperatures drop Cold weather, particularly when the wind picks up and drops temperatures even further, can kill your pet.

If you must keep your pet outdoors, make sure that the shelter is either heated, such as a heated garage, or the right size to allow body heat to do its job. A draft-free, dry shelter that is big enough for the pet to sit or lie down, but not much bigger, is what you need.

Provide Food and Water
Keeping warm uses energy, so pets kept outdoors will need more food. Also, water will freeze if left outside, so refill the water bowl regularly or use a heated bowl. Keep in mind that tongues can stick to metal bowls, so invest in a plastic one.

Watch the Salt
Salt can hurt delicate paws. Not only are the crystals sharp, but the chemicals in salt for snow can irritate the pads of your pet’s feet. Keep your pet’s feet clean when he comes in after being outside and exposed to salt.

Tragedy can happen in an instant in cold weather. Use common sense, and these tips, to keep your pet safe until spring comes and temperatures start creeping up.



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