Adventures of Pepper the puppy

Pepper the Puppy

This is the start of a series which follows the life of a little puppy named Pepper.


Hello! My name is Pepper, and I thought it would be fun to let you know a little bit a bout life from my point of view. See, I’m only about ten inches off of the floor, and this big old world you live in looks huge to me!


I’m only three months old, but I’ve had some pretty big changes in my lifetime. It all started on a little farm. Me and my two brothers were born to my mom, and my people keep saying she was a Jack Russell Terrier. Dad, a mini Australian shepherd, was also nearby.


It was a good life. Sure, the three of us were confined in a pen and couldn’t explore like we wanted to, but it was a big pen and we got to smell the other animals on the farm with us. Goats, ponies, sheep and pigs. The smells were great. Sometimes the kids who lived there even took us in the house. Oh, the smells!


Then one day, my brother left. These people showed up and took him away! We were so sad, but at least we still had each other. Then, my other brother got packed into a crate and he was gone too. I was all alone.


One morning, I decided I had had enough. When the people weren’t looking, I jumped the fence and went off to find my brothers. I knew they couldn’t have gone far! After all, we’re just little puppies!


I got as far as the fish pond when this huge metal animal pulled up into the driveway. I think the people call them “vans.” I just knew it was huge and I took off the other direction. A lady and some little kids got out of the van. They looked friendly, and the van stopped moving, so I went to investigate.


Next thing I know they put something around my neck and stuck me in a box! I didn’t know what was happening, and I was scared! I cried for my mom, scratched at the side of the box and made a huge fuss. “Let me out!” I was saying. No one was listening. The kids just kept saying the world “Pepper” over and over. What did that mean anyway?


Then, the van started to rumble. Now I was really scared. So scared I got a little sick. We drove and we drove and finally got out of the car to run around a bit.


I was excited. I could finally run around! I got a good run on and then wham! Something tugged hard at my neck! I looked up and there was a string tied to the thing they put on my neck. The little kids were holding the string.


I tested it again. Wham! It pulled me back. I didn’t like this at all! I started to dig at the thing around my neck. The people didn’t like that so they picked me up and took me into their house.


Low and behold, there was another dog in there. I was so excited to see her I ran over and gave her a big friendly nip on the leg. I wanted to play! I wanted to know that all was going to be OK in this strange place.


You know what that big old dog did? She growled at me! I just wanted to play and she growled at me. I’m telling you, that lady has an attitude. She’s certainly no puppy.


Yes, my first day in my new home was a little unsettling, but the good thing was that he people were friendly. The little people were a little rough, but the big two were very kind and knew when I had had enough. I didn’t know what had happened, but somehow, I knew I would be OK.

Adventures of Pepper The Puppy,

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