Fires in Alberta

Help Albertans get through this


Please have a look at the links below and find it in your heart to help those 88,000 Albertans who have been displaced because of fire. This is our worst fire ever in the history of Canada. They need our help, support, prayers and encouragement right now.


Pray for Fort McMurray  A Facebook page providing support for those in need.

BC Ferries : 1-888-223-3779 BC Ferries are covering the cost of vehicles and passengers (not food) to travel home to loved ones on Vancouver Island – This website assists in matching Albertans who wish to open their houses, recreational properties etc. with those looking for housing.

The Red Cross – The federal government has agreed to match all donations t6o the Red Cross for  evacuees. Please donate by following the link to the Red Cross donation page above.

Edmonton Emergency Relief A group of Albertans dedicated to providing much needed necessities to those struck by this disaster at no cost to those in need.



Alberta Wildfires – Fort McMurray,

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