Have you ever looked for a hotel that allows pets when you are travelling? If so, then you must be well aware about how challenging this process is. Finding a destination for your next vacation is a task when travelling with your pet. The first thing you usually look for is that the hotel will provide the best hospitality services to you and your pet.

hotels that allow pets

If you are looking for hotels that offer the best pet amenities and want to know what those amenities are, then the search ends here. Here is a list of both common yet luxurious amenities which are being offered by many hotels that allow pets:

  1. Recreational Areas for Pets – Pets, particularly dogs love to run without any hindrances. There are available hotels that offer ample free spaces for your dog to roam or run around. Some hotels even have the grassy rooftop areas……with fountains, making it a perfect paradise for pets to work off some energy. Some hotels also have recreational places for pets like pools, treadmills etc.
  2. Do some shopping and send Fido to the spa – Many accommodation providers provide similar amenities as in-house local pet stores: dog walkers, groomers and other pet-based businesses. When you travel to a brand new city to spend some memorable time with your family and furry friend, check if the hotel has partnerships with nearby pet businesses. Instead of taking your pet along with you to the nearby markets while you shop why not give it some special pampering with a swim ant the dog pool, a pet massage, grooming etc.
  3. Relaxation time for your dog– Some hotels not only have a pet shop for special pet purchases they also provide the facility of in-house groomers on a daily basis. You can also take your pet to spas for some royal treatment to rejuvenate and relax. However, this facility is only provided by some of the higher end hotels. Many hotels have a separate pet parlor that pet owners can use to give their animals a bath, thus avoiding the problem of giving bath to your pet in the hotel bath tub.
  4. Day Care Options – In a busy travel itinerary, there might be a day when the destinations covered do not allow pets. No need to worry about where to leave your furry family member while you’re away. Many hotels offer a pet daycare right on the hotel premises. The service is taken care of by the hotel management, which means pet owners can enjoy their city exploration, without any concern about the safety and wellbeing of their little pet as they are well looked after.
  5. Pet Parties – While on vacation, your pet can enjoy their vacation time with other pets in the hotel too. Many dog friendly hotels offer special play dates and pet social hours in the hotel premises. So, you and your pet can have fun with other pets and pet owners.

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