Resources BC Wildfires pets

Resources BC Wildfires

Resources and support networks for British Columbia Residents whose pets and / or livestock may be being affected by the wildfires can be found here.

As some accommodation providers do not accept pets please use social media networks and put out a request for accommodations etc. depending on the area near you.

  • Pets : 

This Facebook group which was set up to help with the Fort McMurray fires last year is now assisting pet owners in remote locations etc.

  • Livestock Owners: 

Evacuees with livestock please use this Facebook network to get assistance:

  • Temporary Foster Homes for Pets : 

Temporary homes for pets can be accessed at this Facebook network


For specific inquiries please send an e-mail to and we will assist if possible.


Please donate to the BC SPCA as they are helping evacuees with their pets and to house and feed pets with no place to go.


Please stay safe!

Are You a Pet or Animal Owner Affected by the BC Wildfires?,

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