If Travelling With Your Cat or Dog Always Become Familiar With Travel Regulations.

Before you hit the road with your cat or dog over Thanksgiving, please make a point of becoming aware of the regulations surrounding traveling with animals. These pet friendly travel rules are in place to protect your pet, the health of other pets in the area and the health of humans who might catch communicable diseases that some animals may potentially carry.


If you are traveling within the United States, you should not have many problems transporting dogs and cats across state borders, provided you have a current rabies vaccination and health certificate. The exception is in the state of Hawaii. Hawaii is a rabies-free state and does require a lengthy quarantine for all pets who enter. The alternative is a blood test for rabies and a waiting period before you travel. Even with those precautions, you may face up to five days of quarantine. Guam has similar restrictions.


Traveling internationally is different. You will need to contact the embassy of the place you wish to travel to learn the pet friendly travel regulations. Also check with the U.S. Department of Travel to determine the regulations so that you can avoid problems with re-entry after visiting that country.


Often, if you do testing and vaccination ahead of time, you can avoid lengthy quarantines, but you need to know the restrictions before you leave. If you’re facing six month quarantine and the need to pay for boarding during that time, you may be better off leaving your four legged companion behind for this trip and finding a reliable pet boarding kennel or friend to look after your pet while away. For information on these types of amenities please see

Become Familiar with Travel Regulations Before Packing Up Fido And Fluffy,

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