Dogs have to wear seatbelt - new lawIf you are a pet friendly traveler thinking of hitting the road with Fido in the car, you may want to know about some new laws that will change the way that travel. More and more states are embracing “buckle up” laws for pets in the car in an attempt to cut down on accidents caused by pet friendly drivers distracted by their furry road mates.

Take New Jersey, for instance. The state recently passed a law that revisers any animals in the vehicle to be properly buckled in. For dogs, this will mean a harness that connects to the seat-belt buckle for any dog-friendly travelers. For cat friendly travelers, this will mean a proper carrier that is seat belted into the car.

Gone are the days of your dog hanging his head out the window to catch the breeze or, worse, riding in the back of your pickup truck. Oh, and if you fail to follow these laws, you face criminal charges of animal cruelty as well as $250 to $1,000 worth of fines.

Why this new emphasis? The goal is to make the road safer for people and animals. Animals that are in the car and are not buckled are a distraction for drivers, and they can be injured if they leap from an open window or are involved in a car crash.

So the next time you are about to head out with your pet or do any long distance pet
friendly travel, please take proper precautions and make sure that the animal is properly
restrained. It simply makes sense to do so, and now it is part of the law.

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Buckle Up Fido Or Face Being Fined!,

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