Chemicals and Pets Do Not MixToday’s pet owners have more to worry about than  rabies and fleas. Now, cancer is a growing concern  for people who own pets. Researchers are finding  that cancer rates among dogs and cats is growing,  and some believe that an increased reliance on  man-made chemicals in our lives is part of the  reason.

For instance, in a study performed at the University  of Massachusetts, researchers found that dogs who had owners who used lawn pesticides  were 70 percent more likely to have lymphoma.  Like children, dogs are close to the grown and  smaller with fast metabolisms and are more prone to  the dangers of these pesticides when they are  exposed to them than adult humans, and thus there was a high correlation between cancer and pesticide use.

Pesticides are not the only problems today’s pets must deal with. Most dry commercial dog food is full of non-digestible filler items, some of which cause cancer. “Animal fats” are often included, and these can be cancer-causing fats. Dog food also often contains toxins like  ethoxyquin, BHT and BHA, which serve as preservatives. These are not items dogs were created to eat, and they can cause serious problems, including cancer.

So what can today’s pet owner do to prevent this risk? First, if at home or on a pet friendly travel adventure, limit your animal’s exposure to man-made toxic chemicals. Keep your pet off freshly treated or sprayed lawns when out and about. If you must use commercial pesticides or fertilizers on your lawn, look for organic options. Read the label on your pet’s food, and choose options that are filled with natural ingredients. By doing so, you can protect your pet from these dangerous chemicals.

Chemicals and Pets Do Not Mix – Don’t Risk your Pet’s Life!,

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