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Los Angeles, California is a vibrant, thriving community where you can easily roam city streets with your best friend at your side. In spite of the urban environment, you will find that Los Angeles has an ample number of dog parks and pet-friendly businesses to keep life interesting. In fact, after your first visit, you will want to visit this welcoming city time and time again.


Off-Lease Dog Parks in Los Angeles

Exploring the city with your dog on a lease is fun, but sometimes your pet just wants to run. Lost Angeles has nine off-lease dog parks for you to make friends and spend some time running. If your dog is timid around larger dogs, you will enjoy Griffith Park, located next to the John Ferraro Soccer Field, with its separate gated area for small, timid dogs. Your dog can run on a full three acres at Laurel Canyon Dog Park over in Studio City, and a small children’s play area lets your kids run off some energy too. Each of the remaining dog parks has its own character and convenient location, so you can easily find one near you when you visit L.A.


Los Angeles Dog-Friendly Restaurants and Bars

The people of Los Angeles love dogs, and this is seen in the many pet-friendly restaurants and bars throughout the city. Angel City Brewery is one of the most famous, and it even sells leashes, treats and collars to make your pooch feel more comfortable.


The sidewalk cafes that line the streets of LA are the place where celebrities and their pets can often be spotted. The Alcove Café, Ammo and Cat & Fiddle are popular with the it-crowd. At Cat & Fiddle, a pooch-friendly menu lets pets dine with their owners.


Gardens, Markets, and More!

Everywhere you turn in Los Angeles you will see pets and their owners. Take a stroll around the Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden, where pets on leash are welcome. Plan a hike through Westridge Canyonback Wilderness Park or Runyon Canyon Park to see the city from afar and enjoy the nature that surrounds the urban environment.


Of course, a trip to L.A. is not complete without some time shopping, and Westfield Century City is a dog-friendly mall on Santa Monica Boulevard for your exploration. As you discover all of the pet-friendly attractions and dining options in and around Los Angeles, you will be pleased with the welcoming attitude of this bustling city.





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