My Pet Is Dying


Facing the death of a pet is never easy. When you know that the end is near, your job becomes that of comforter, as you help your friend through the final stages of life. These tips will help you help her with the coming transition.


Always Check with the Vet First


Before you assume that your pet is dying and there is nothing that can be done, check with your vet. Your vet will assess the overall health and pain level of your pet and provide you with possible options for caring for pain and extending life, if it is possible. Your vet will also help you know whether euthanizing is a more humane option. Remember, pets are often quite skilled at hiding their pain, and you need to trust your vet to know what is best for your pet.


What to Do When the End Is Near


If you and your vet deem that your pet can spend her last few days at home, there are steps you can take to make those days more comfortable. First, make sure your pet is warm enough. Place her by a heater or fireplace, and lay a blanket down for her to lie on. Then, try to determine if your pet is hungry or thirsty. Dying animals will eventually stop eating, and you should never force them to eat or drink, but you can prepare a special food if she is looking like she is hungry and willing to eat. Once your pet is as comfortable as possible, stay close. Talk to her in a calm voice, and pet with a gentle hand. Enjoy these last few memories together.


Dealing with Your Emotions


The loss of a trusted friend is never an easy emotional hurdle. When your pet is finally gone, you will feel a deep sense of loss. Take some time to grieve, and remind yourself that grief is normal. Try to focus on the positive memories you have with your pet, rather than the pain of loss. Soon you will be able to look back on your time together with fondness, rather than sadness, and you may even find that you have room in your heart to open up to a new pet.



Comforting Your Pet During Final Days of Life,

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