Pet Owners Worry When Traveling with Pets


Do you face fears about your pet when you travel? If you do have concerns, you aren’t alone. Many pet owners face fears, not only about the safety of their pets, but also worry about the level of hospitality shown by a hotel and if they will feel welcome, when they travel with a furry companion.


In a recent survey, pet owners shared the dirt about their travel fears. The biggest worry was among those who leave their pets behind. Of those pet owners surveyed, those who travelled while leaving their pets behind, a full 72 percent reported worrying about their pets the entire trip.


The solution to this worry (as many savvy hotels know) is to bring them with you, of course, but that’s not without its own concerns. The respondents indicated 75 percent did not trust the airline to take care of their pets as well as they would like, and 21 percent indicated finding pet-friendly hotels was a challenge. 82 % of respondents surveyed indicated they stay an additional 2 nights on average when able to travel with their pet in tow. If they had to board the pet they would return home as soon as possible due to concern for their pet.


As a pet owner, have you ever experienced some of these fears? If so one easy way to put them to rest is by doing some research before you go. With, you can find true pet-friendly lodging options to help you as you travel. Don’t let your fears keep you from enjoying a vacation with your pets. Use the tools at your disposal to ensure a great time for all by doing your research before you go at

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