The Most Successful Top Training Tips for Training Your Dog: Training Your Dog Is Not A One Size Fits All.


Many years ago training a dog was very different that how we train dogs now. We base training methods on what motivates a dog to learn……unconditional love and discipline.

If you had a dog as a child, chances are you trained it with a water bottle and rolled up newspaper in hand. Yet dog training is an ever-changing field, as behavior experts learn what works and what doesn’t work for dogs. These older training methods are now considered archaic and research tells us they are very unproductive. As experts have looked at the most recent advice and dog training trends, they have found some interesting research and advice that may help you effectively train your dog.

Take a Look in the Mirror

Dog training should focus on dogs, right? According to today’s trainers, looking at the people who care for and interact with those dogs is just as important as looking at the dogs themselves. You, as the dog’s owner, must understand your dog and be able to communicate well if you are going to be effective as his trainer.

Science Emphasis

Today’s trainers are looking at science to back their training methods. Studying pet behavior and animals at play is giving them new ideas and insights into the best ways to train the animals. This emphasis has created an interest in using playtime as a training method. Also, it has changed the focus from negative reinforcement to positive reinforcement. Tailor your training efforts your dog’s behavior, personality, learning methods and character and you will see greater results. Training is not a one size fits all!

Focus on Total Well-Being

Training may focus primarily on the dog’s behavior, but you will struggle to train a dog that is not well cared for in other areas of life. Pay attention to your dog’s need for play, nutritional needs and health needs, and training will be more effective. A well-fed, engaged, healthy dog is a better training candidate than one who is struggling in any of these areas.




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