Owning a pet brings much joy into your life, but it comes with assumed responsibilities. Most people would not think of their pet as a “responsibility” but if you are not careful, you can put yourself, your children or your pet in harms way simply by making one of these common mistakes.


One of the most common things that pet owners do, that is surprisingly unsafe is letting their dog pull at the leash. When you (or one of your children) walk your dog, you need to be doing the walking, not him. Pets can stay calm and collected on the leash with the right training. Letting your dog pull you could lead to a fall and a possible untimely a trip to the emergency room. Never let a small child or toddler walk a dog. If an older child walks the dog, the dog must be trained not to pull and the child must also know how to manage the dog should the dog become agitated or excited. The child should be old enough to do manage all situations effectively. As a responsible pet owner, make sure you train your pet when very young how to walk on a leash without causing harm to himself or his walker. There are many obedience classes which you can register in right across every city in Canada and the United States. There are also many resources online which can help teach both you and your pet how to do this safely and effectively. Patience is key!

Ignoring ticks and other pests is another responsibility that is high on the list and that you cannot afford to ignore. If you take your dog or cat out in the woods, do a thorough check for ticks. Animals can catch Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain spotted fever from ticks just like humans can. Ticks can also be passed on to household members through household pets so always minimize this risk by using anti-tick medications and checking for ticks after being in a tick area.

An endless supply of food is another risk area for your pet. Many breeds of dogs and cats will eat more than they need. If you leave the food available at all times, pets will become overweight, which opens the door to a wide range of health concerns, including premature death, cardiovascular disease or diabetes.

Remember, pets rely on you for pretty much everything. When traveling pet owners spend hours planning and looking for the perfect pet friendly hotel or pet friendly accommodation when planning a vacation. As a responsible pet owner please insure you take the same amount of care and patience to avoid common pet owner risks.


Always practice pet friendly pet owner responsibilities and insure your pet has a chance to live the healthiest life possible. By doing this it will enhance both the life of your little (or big) furry, four legged buddy and you!





Practicing Pet Friendly Pet Owner Responsibilities.,

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