Being able to spot signs that your dog is getting sick could mean the difference between getting help fast enough and losing your beloved pet. Dogs are naturally prone to hide weakness or injury, so you will need to watch for subtle changes in behavior that may indicate that your pet is not feeling well. Here are some signs to watch for so you can make a better determination as to the degree of seriousness.

Sleepier Than Normal
Is your dog contentedly lying in the corner, curled comfortably on his bed? If this is unusual, it may be a sign of illness, not an overly-tired pooch. Sick dogs often stay in one spot, curled up into a ball, to avoid aggravating their condition or showing signs of weakness.

Agitated Pacing
Sometimes instead of seeming more tired than normal, a dog that is sick or in pain will seem more agitated, and will start pacing. If this behavior does not resolve itself within a day or two, then you need to check with your vet.

Not Enjoying Normal Activities
If your dog always greets you after work or regularly enjoys a rousing game of fetch, and suddenly loses interest, illness may be the culprit. Ongoing indifference needs to be addressed with your vet.

Remember, illness is not always obvious with your pet. If you are questioning your pet’s changes in behavior, head to the vet’s office. It is always best to check out a potential problem before it becomes serious. If you can catch a problem early, you will be rewarded by getting your pet back to health quickly. You can avoid a potentially life-changing complication by being an observant pet owner recognizing what is normal and not normal behavior.

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