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How to Prepare Your Cat For a Road Trip.

Cats don’t generally experience as much opportunity for traveling as dogs do, as cats don’t generally enjoy traveling. Whether you travel with your cat due to a family weekend away, a road trip or a family move etc. by car, there are certain things to consider that you don’t need to think about when traveling with a dog.

If your cat has a tendency to be car sick, never feed the cat for a few hours before placing them in the car. Consult with your vet to ask if he or she recommends your cat have something medicinal to treat car sickness before you embark on your trip.

Always be aware of the potential for your kitty to escape from your car so always keep the cat in the carrier. The cat may also get under your feet or under the seats and escape when doors or windows are opened …another reason to always keep the cat in the carrier. Because it may be unaccustomed to travel in the vehicle with new sounds and smells being foreign to it, there is the potential for the whole travel experience to be a bit frightening to your cat.

Many cats prefer to be in a confined space or travel carrier as it gives them a sense of security but some cats prefer to be left to roam around the car so they can see everything. Roaming around in the car is not safe for you or your cat. Place the carrier safely on the floor of the car or safely seat belted in, if the carrier is large and sturdy enough.

Stopping every few hours is generally sufficient to give your kitty a break where they can use the litter box or in rare instances, if your cat is leash trained can go for a short walk just to get some fresh air.

Once at your hotel always let the cat become accustomed to the new space and never leave them in the room outside of their carrier. Cleaning staff can unintentionally open a door allowing the cat to escape. It is sometimes a good idea to place a note in the room stating that there is a cat in the carrier and alerting the cleaning staff just so there are no surprises. If visiting family and there are other family pets which the cat has not been introduced to already, or may frighten your cat, it is a good idea to confine your cat to a certain area of the home until it becomes accustomed to the new environment.

With a bit of planning and safety measures in place your cat may learn to enjoy traveling!




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