Bring-Your Pet-To-workDoes Your Workplace Allow Dogs or Cats? There are Many Pros and Cons of Bringing Pets to Work


A growing number of workplaces are allowing their workers to bring their dog with them to the office. If your office is contemplating allowing pets in the workplace, consider the benefits and potential drawbacks of this change.


Benefits of Pets in the Office


Pets reduce stress in the office. Both cats and dogs can lower blood pressure and the autonomic stress response when they work alongside their owners. Pets also force workers to take breaks, which studies show increase productivity. Finally, pets in the workplace make the workplace seem friendlier. Your dog is likely going to help start a conversation between you and your co-worker in the next office over, even if you would normally not talk to that individual.


Drawbacks of Pets at Work


Of course, having pets in the office is not a perfect policy. Sometimes, allergies of coworkers or customers can make it impossibility. Pets can also be a distraction in a workplace where deep focus is required. There’s also the chance that the pets may not get along with one another.


Yet for those who don’t have these hindrances, study after study has shown that pets in the workplace can help the overall environment and productivity. There must be a reason that Google, Amazon and Tumblr, among others, have made this switch!

Does Your Workplace Allow Pets?,

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