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Tips on Dog Friendly Home Projects

Your dog is a member of the family. Does your home include dog-friendly features? Try your hand at one of these five projects and improve your pet’s comfort while making your furry friend feel at home.

  1. Build a Dog Crate

When your dog needs to relax, a crate provides the peaceful oasis. Instead of using an ugly metal or fragile plastic crate in the middle of your living room though, build one with untreated wood. As a bonus, your pooch’s crate doubles as a coffee table in your living area, den or office.

  1. Build a Ramp

Arthritis, bad hips and other health conditions can prevent your dog from jumping onto the bed or other raised surface. A pet ramp is easy to build and easy for your dog to use. Since it’s temporary, the ramp also moves wherever you need it.

  1. Build a Feeding Station

Spilled dog food and water all over your kitchen floor is unattractive and messy. Build a feeding station and corral the mess. With a place for bowls on top, a feeding station also hides bags of food underneath. It can even match your home’s d├ęcor after you paint it any color you want.

  1. Build an Accessories Organizer

Your dog loves going outside to play or do its bathroom business. With an accessories organizer, you get out the door more quickly. On the wall near the door, attach a few hooks or mount them on a painted piece of lumber. Hook your accessories on these hooks. Then you can quickly grab the leash, plastic bag or favorite toys and head outside for business and pleasure.

  1. Build a Doghouse

With untreated wood, you can build a doghouse that offers outdoor protection for your pooch. It should be big enough to allow your dog to turn around and lie down, and it should have space for a soft blanket, food bowl and water dish.

These five pet-friendly projects make your home a welcoming place for your furry friend. Tackle one or all five and make your home a pet-friendly haven.

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