Pet Friendly Travel in Vancouver: Exploring Vancouver, British Columbia with Your Favorite Animal Friend

Vancouver, British Columbia is a very pet-friendly city. With acres of trails and an abundance of dog parks, your best friends will have the time of their life on your British Columbia trip. Both you and your dog will want to return to this city destination with its many events again and again.

Off-Leash Dog Parks

With more than 36 off-leash dog parks in the City of Vancouver, your pet will have plenty of opportunity to play and make new friends during your visit. Explore scenic river trails amid acres of forest in the Fraser River Dog Park or give them an opportunity to plunge into ocean waters while visiting the Hadden Park.

If your pooch needs a fenced in area for play, both of you are sure to enjoy a stroll through Nelson Park. If you time your visit just right, you can catch the West End Dog Show held here every summer. All proceeds from the show are used to train guide dogs for vision-impaired people. Special events include a guide dog maze.

Dog Friendly Restaurants and Bars

Vancouver restaurants and bars open their hearts and patios to your pets. While Vancouver ordinances prohibit dogs from entering areas where food is served, restaurant owners provide a glorious place in the sun with their many lovely patios. Robson Street features celebrities and fashion boutiques while you and your pup will both enjoy wandering the cobbled streets of Gastown.

Hikes, Ferry Rides, and So Much More

Dogs are always welcome on the Capilano Suspension Bridge. Set in a lush rain forest, the bridge sways and tosses as you proceed across. If you are still in the mood for a trip over water, board the ferry from downtown Vancouver and head over to Granville Island. The farmer’s market goes on all year around and is filled with street performers, great smells, and fantastic local art.



Exploring Pet Friendly Vancouver, British Columbia.,

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