Flying with Your Pet? Know the Guidelines The holiday season is just around the corner and with it, many of the busiest travel days of the year. As you are shopping for pet friendly hotels and booking your travel stays for this November and December, take some time to think about keeping your pet comfortable while you travel as well. Here are some tips if you are traveling by plane.

First, make sure you make a reservation for your pet before you arrive at the airport. No, you will not need to purchase a ticket, but you need to let the airline know you are bringing a live animal to ensure that they have room, because there are limits as to the number of dogs or cats that can be on an airplane. Also, check the carrier requirements, and make sure your pet carrier fits the pet carry on rules. Even the most pet friendly airline will not allow your pet in the cabin if the carrier cannot fit safely.

Finally, check with the airline to learn any health code or age restrictions. Typically, your pet will not be allowed to travel if it is younger than eight weeks old, and you may face other restrictions for puppies and kittens. You may also need a health certificate from your vet, and adult pets will need vaccination certificates. Get this paperwork ahead of time to ensure that your pet can stay with you on the airplane, and to avoid any drama at the airport check in counter the day of your flight.Always check ahead of time if you have any pet travel related questions. If in doubt send an e-mail to PetsCanStay and someone can assist in finding the resources you need.

Happy pet friendly flying during this upcoming holiday season!

Flying with Your Pet? Know the Guidelines,

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