Pet-friendly Christmas gift ideas

Ho Ho Ho! Gift Ideas for the Pet and Pet Lover in Your Life.


Christmas time is here, and if you are shopping for a pet or pet lover, it’s time to get a little creative. Do you know what is on the Santa wish list for the pet (and the pet owner) who has everything? Here are some great things for Santa to stick under the tree this year for both the pet lover and the pet.

Canine Peppermints


These may be a gift for the pet, or the owner, but Canine Peppermints make a great stocking stuffer. They are made from parsley, peppermint leaves and applesauce, so they leave a pet’s breath smelling sweet, and the treats are all-natural.


Collapsible Pet Bowl


For pet owners who take their pets on the go frequently, the BPA and PVC-free Collapsible Pet Bowl is idea. It folds down into a tiny container for travel, and then pops open to a height of 15-inches to hold food or water on the go. Convenient for travel and a healthy choice for your cat or dog as it is free of hormone disrupting chemicals associated with many plastics on the market today.


Eyenimal Pet Videocam


Ever wonder what life looks like from your pet’s point of view? See for yourself with the Eyenimal Pet Videocam. Strap the camera on to your pet’s collar, and you will see video recorded from his viewpoint. Very interesting (and entertaining) for the pet owner who wants to see things from the pet’s point of view.


Interactive Pet Feeders


Eating from a bowl is boring. Consider buying the pet on your list an interactive feeder this year. The Green Interactive Dog Feeder, for example, encourages your pet to hunt around for food in a grass-like feeding tray with many hidden areas for food to hide. This makes eating more interesting from your pet’s perspective.


For other pet friendly type tips, travel information and a free directory of pet friendly hotels is your pet friendly online resource.


Unique pet friendly Christmas gifts for the pet and the pet owner.,

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