Get Your Cat to Go in the Crate WillinglyIf you are tired of struggling to get your cat in the crate for your vacation or even just a trip to the vet’s office, it might be time to do a little crate training. This will make your life much easier when it is time to take a trip to the vet.

First, if possible, start this process when your cat is a kitten. The earlier you start, the easier this training will go. You can crate train an older cat, but the process will be more time consuming and challenging.

The goal of crate training is to teach your cat that the crate is a fun, rewarding place to go. You must associate the crate with positive experiences. If the only time your cat goes in the crate is when you are headed somewhere scary, like the airport or vet’s office, he is going to hate it. Use it during play, offer treats when he is inside and even consider using it as a place for meals.

Avoid sticking your cat inside the crate and leaving. This is going to make it a scary place. Instead, place treats inside for him to discover, and use clicker training to encourage him to play near or even in it.

Finally, keep it as a part of your regular furniture. Soon his inborn curiosity will take him inside, and you can begin rewarding the behavior and making the crate a fun, comfortable place to go.

Get Your Cat to Go in the Crate Willingly,

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