Got a New Kitten?If you own a cat, you probably don’t have to be told that these are very territorial creatures. When you introduce a new cat into your home, it can create some serious problems, if you don’t do it correctly. If that new cat is a kitten, an aggressive older cat can be quite dangerous. Here are some tips to help make the process go smoothly.

First, set up a room in your home that will be a “safe room.” This is where the kitten will live for a while. This gives your existing cat a time to grow accustomed to the smell and sounds of the kitten in your home. After a week, you can begin the introduction process, but prior to that there should be no face-to-face interaction. During this time, you can introduce the smell of the cats to each other by using the same brush on both cats or playing with the same toys with each cat.

When you are ready to make introductions, put the kitten in a carrier, and allow the old cat into the safe room. Don’t be surprised if there is some hissing and aggressive behavior. This is normal. Only open the carrier if the cats are not showing any signs of aggression, but if you do, monitor the interaction closely. Repeat this process every day until the cats start getting used to each other.

Be patient. Do not leave the new and old cat together unsupervised for the first several weeks. Place the kitten in the safe room any time you must leave. Once the interactions seem normal and positive, you can allow the cats to interact without supervision, and you will have successfully introduced your kitten to your home.

Introducing a New Kitten to your Home? Make the Introduction with Your Older Cat Right!,

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