Halloween Safety Tips for PetsHalloween is the time when parents dress their little ones up in the cutest getup, so why shouldn’t you join in the fun with your furry “child”? Dressing up your cat or dog for this holiday can be a lot of fun, but make sure you keep safety in mind at all times so everyone, Fido included, has a fun holiday.

Candy is a big hazard to pets. Chocolate, for example, contains a chemical that is poisonous to your dog. The wrappers, especially the foil ones, can get stuck in your pet’s digestive system. Do not give your animal candy, and make sure that you store it out of reach at all times.

Keep your pet’s level of stress in mind. Having all of those kids in costume coming to the door is stressful for many pets. If your pet shows signs of agitation, do not add to their stress by sticking a costume on them.

Finally, watch the door. Opening the door over and over gives your pet a chance to escape. Put your cat or dog in another room or his kennel during Trick-or-Treat hours. This not only protects your pet from escaping, but it also protects the people coming to your door who may not appreciate a slobbery kiss or overly active greeting.

One thing that many cat owners need to know is that for them, this is not a pet friendly holiday as many pets can be frightened from the odd costumes and strange noises of little halloweeneers. Keep your cat safely indoors all day and evening on this holiday for safety and security reasons. Firecrackers, children in costume and squealing trick or treaters can frighten your pet.

Remember, Halloween is a fun time for kids, but it may not be a fun time for your pet. Do what you can to keep him or her calm, but remember that there are some serious hazards around this holiday. Take the time to think ahead, and your pets can stay safe.

Getting Your Pet Through Halloween In a Relaxing Way.,

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