Helping Your Pet Deal with Guests and Visitors in Your Home.


If you are bringing out-of-town guests to your home, the change may be upsetting for your pet even if the visitors are family. If your pet is having a hard time adjusting to your guests, here are some tips that can help.


Keep up with the Pet’s Normal Routine


Extra people in the house (even if they are family members) throw everyone for a loop. As much as possible, keep up with your pet’s normal routine. This will help him feel more settled, even with your company.Daily walks, feeding times, play-time, sleeping times  etc. should stay as normal as possible.


Teach Your Company About Good Pet Handling


If your company does not have pets, they may not know how to properly handle your dog or cat, especially if the guests include children. Take some time to teach your company about proper handling of animals, as well as any unique needs your pet has, so your pet will not be hurt or scared by their behavior.


Give the Pet His/Her Private Space


Does your pet have a space in the home that is just his? Keep that space protected, and let the pet have plenty of time in it, away from the company. A crate, a quiet room or even a space outdoors if the weather permits, will help your pet feel like he can get a break from the company.


Don’t Insist on Your Pet’s Presence


If it’s obvious that the pet and your company do not get along, don’t insist that they spend time together. Allow your pet to be in his safe space while you enjoy your friends and family, and then have time together with your pet later.


Remember that any change in routine or people in his/her environment can be quite confusing to your pet. With the right precautions, you can have an enjoyable visit with company, all while keeping your pet comfortable and safe in your home. When your company leaves, the visit will be one looked back on with fondness.

Help Your Pet Deal With Guests and Visitors,

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