How to Avoid Three Common Pet Care MistakesYou love your pet and want the best for her, but if you are like most pet owners, you may be making mistakes you are not even aware you are making. To give your pet the best possible life, avoid these common mistakes.

Ignoring Dental Health

Your pet has teeth, and those teeth need to be cared for, just like yours. Ignoring your pet’s dental health could cause pain and illness down the road. Brush your pet’s teeth regularly, and take her or him in for regular dental visits.

Feeding too Much

Giving your pet a treat may seem like a loving thing to do, and it can be, but doing this too often is actually harming your pet’s health. Overweight pets are at higher risk for heart conditions and arthritis as they age, so keep the pet friendly treats at a minimum and reward with praise and affection instead.

Waiting to Visit the Vet

Vets visits are expensive, and sometimes you may feel tempted to wait and see if a condition improves on its own. After all, you do the same for yourself, right? The problem is that your pet cannot tell you just how bad she or he feels, and many pets instinctually hide their pain. Your pet could be deathly ill, and you may not even know it. If something seems amiss or your animal is not eating as she or he normally does, go to the vet. It’s always better to spend a few dollars unnecessarily than to overlook something that could have been prevented.

How to Avoid Three Common Pet Care Mistakes,

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