How to Enhance Your Relationship with Your Veterinarian


Your veterinarian’s job is to keep your pet healthy and well. Yet there are some things you could be doing to make that job harder. If you could get the “inside scoop” from your vet, here’s what he or she would recommend regarding your visits in order to make the visit more productive.


Talking on the Phone


You are at the vet’s office and using the vet’s time to care for your animal. Do you really need to answer that call? Your vet is helping you keep your pet healthy, so give your full attention, and (unless it is an emergency) return the call after you leave.


Not Keeping Pets Contained


Your dog needs to be on a leash, and the leash needs to be short. Your cat needs to be in a carrier. Any other mode of transport is simply going to make the vet’s job harder and increase anxiety for all other pets that are at the office. Remember, you are bringing your pet to a place with several anxious, nervous animals, and keeping yours under control can make everything much easier for all involved.


Bring Your Kids


Kids are cute. Animals are cute. But kids and animals in a high-stress environment simply don’t mix well. Very young children, and children who are not well behaved, are an additional liability to your vet. If at all possible, leave the children at home.


Failing to Follow the Plan


You bring your pet to the vet. The vet takes a look at your pet, prescribes a treatment plan and sends you on your way. A few weeks later you return and the problem is still the same. Why? Because you did not follow through on the treatment plan. Your vet is not a miracle worker. He is a doctor. Listen to his advice, and then follow through with the plan. If you know of a reason why you cannot, such as a dog that won’t take medication, tell your vet, so he can make some suggestions for you.


If you want your pet to be as happy and healthy as possible, follow these guidelines so that everyone (especially your pet) gets the most value out of your visit. Avoid these behaviors, and you can have a professional relationship that benefits your pet and your relationship with the expert in charge of its health.



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How To Enhance Your Relationship With Your Veterinarian,

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