Would you like to have professional advice about an ongoing pet problem? Dr Jo Righetti is the new resident pet behavior expert for Pets Can Stay.

Dr Joanne Righetti is an animal behaviourist whose background is in zoology, with a PhD in animal behaviour and a counselling diploma – qualifications which enable her to work with all sorts of animals – including the human variety!

If you love your pets then you’ll love Dr Jo. With her passion for pets and expert knowledge of human–animal relationships, animal behaviorist Dr Jo helps pet owners understand their pet’s behavior and solve behavior problems. Having travelled with and without her pets, Joanne understands the difficulties and also the joys that owners feel about holidays and pets.

If you need advice on holidaying with or without your pet or if your pet is misbehaving or you just have a general pet question, send it to DrJoRighetti@petscanstay.com

Through her business Pet Problems Solved, Joanne consults to pet owners, government, commercial pet companies, not-for-profit organisations and lectures to students of canine science and animal behavior. Joanne is a regular radio guest in her home country of Australia where she is also proud to be an Ambassador of Animal Welfare League Australia and Assistance Dogs Australia. Joanne’s has written a series of pet behavior booklets tacking common issues such as barking, anxiety and aggression. Dr Jo also attracts significant following on digital and social media including her website, blog, twitter, facebook and pinterest found at http://www.petproblemsolved.com.au/


Originally from Scotland, Joanne now lives in Sydney with a dog and 3 cats (as well as 3 sons and a husband!). She enjoys travelling all over the world including Europe, North America, Africa for wonderful safaris, Asia and when travelling at home, tries to always take her pets with her. Jo is delighted to be a member of the Pets Can Stay travelling family.


Dr Jo insists that no pet problem is too big, too small or too embarrassing to talk about. Even if your pet is already ‘perfect’, Dr Joanne will celebrate the joy, the fun & the love that our pets bring into our lives. So send your questions for Dr Jo to DrJoRighetti@petscanstay.com







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