dog-love-lifeNothing can kill a romantic evening quite as quickly as finding Rover in your bed. After all, that special moment between you and your significant other is not one you want to share with the family dog. Training your dog to sleep in her own bed will eliminate this problem, and it just might boost your love life as well.


The first thing you need to do is get your dog out of the room at night. If she does not have access to the bedroom, she cannot sleep in your bed. This might make for a few sleepless nights as your pet gets used to the new arrangement. Pets can stay near the door to help them feel more secure, but be sure you shut the door. She will be close to you, without actually being inside your room.


No matter what, do not open the door, even if the dog scratches and whines. They will, and you will get frustrated, but you have to be consistent if this is going to work. Soon, the dog will learn that her bed is a comfortable place to sleep, and she will start going there instead of your bed.


Now, if you find the dog on your bed during the day, you need to enforce the new rules, even if you don’t mind this behavior. Require the dog to get down, even removing her if you have to. Take her to her bed to reinforce where she is to sleep. Over time, she will start liking her bed, and not wanting to be up in yours any more.

Is Your Love Life Going To The Dogs?,

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