dogs can have allergyDid you know that dogs can have an allergy? If you notice your dog scratching more than usual, it could be fleas, but if you aren’t suffering from an infestation, then the culprit may be allergies.

While some allergies, like allergies to flea and mosquito bites, are obvious, others are less so. Common, yet lesser known, allergies include:

  • Dog food and food additives
  • Shampoos and perfumes
  • Grass and other outdoor plants
  • Pesticides and grass fertilizers
  • Laundry soap used to wash bedding

Allergies will present themselves with itching over most of the body, often accompanied by hair loss and red skin.

So what can you do if you suspect your dog is having problems with allergies? First, try to pinpoint the allergy source. Do the problems occur seasonally? If so, then it might be an allergen found outdoors, or it might be a pest. If the dog suffers year-round, then food or topical items, like shampoo, may be to blame.

Try to locate the source of the allergy, then remove it if you can. If not, then talk to your vet about antihistamine products that can control the inflammatory reaction. With a little bit of help from you, your dog can stop itching and start enjoying life again.

Itchy Dog? Allergies May Be the Culprit!,

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