Louis McCann graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from McGill University with a major in wildlife resources management, and carries Executive management certificates from the McGill Management Institute, McGill University.

Mr. McCann’s career began with the Canadian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in 1977, with which he would remain for thirteen years until 1990. During his time with the Society, Mr. McCann served in various capacities, first as Director of the Cruelty Investigations Department, where he was responsible for law enforcement, liaison with crown prosecutors and training of investigators at the provincial level. As Founder and Director of the Society’s Wildlife Department, Mr. McCann was responsible for the care, handling and husbandry of all non cat and dog visitors to the shelter; inspections of pet stores, zoos, livestock brokers and dealers; and acting as a panel participant for the Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC), dealing with inspections of bio medical research facilities. Mr. McCann also served as the media spokesperson for all animal related matters of concern to the Society, as well as its representative in the area of municipal animal control.

In 1991, Mr. McCann moved on to the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council of Canada, where he continues to serve as Executive Director. In this role, Mr. McCann’s main objective is to represent all facets of the Canadian pet industry to the various levels of government (federal, provincial and municipal), in the capacity of spokesperson and negotiator. In this capacity, Mr. McCann also acts as liaison between the pet industry and various interest groups at the national and international levels, on all matters pertinent to the companion animal industry. Amongst his numerous accomplishments as PIJAC Canada’s Executive Director, Mr. McCann was responsible for the development and implementation of the association’s Certified Companion Animal Specialist Program and the Retail Store Certification Program.

In addition to his achievements with PIJAC Canada, Mr. McCann was a Founding member of the International Pet Advisory Council and the National Companion Animal Coalition, and he sits on the Board of Anima-Québec, the organization responsible for the implementation of the province’s animal protection legislation.

Louis McCann – Executive Director, Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) of Canada,

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