Can you Shop at Your Favorite Stores with Your Pet?


Does going shopping mean you have to leave your dog behind? Not necessarily! More and more companies are welcoming dogs into their stores with their owners, so you can bring your entire family for your next shopping trip.


Home Improvement Stores


While it varies by store based on the manager’s preference, many Home Depot and Lowe’s stores are pet-friendly, and your pet may even get a cookie at the checkout. Call before you go, but if you are heading out in search of lumber and home improvement supplies, you can likely bring your pet with you.


Pottery Barn


After getting your home improvement supplies, head over to Pottery Barn for the decor items you need. Of course, because of the breakable nature (and expense) of the items in this particular store, make sure your pet is very well behaved, and call first to confirm that pets are welcome.


Major Pet Store Retailers


It’s not surprising that many pet stores, including major retailers like Petsmart and Petco, welcome pets. The store might be a bit tempting for your pet, with all of the food, treats and toys on the shelves, so make sure you have good leash manners. Also, these stores often have many other pets in them, so good social skills are a must.




Macy’s is a surprising place where your dog might be welcome. Again, this is at the discretion of the store manager, so always ask first, but don’t be shy about asking. The stores are often not only welcoming to pets, but also pretty pet savvy.


If you do bring your dog to the store with you, be sure to use some common sense. If your pup does not do well around strangers or other dogs, it may be safest for him to leave him at home. But if you have a social pet who does well on a leash, the take him with you!



Major Stores That Will Welcome You and Your Pet,

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