How to protect the puppies at Christmas

How to Make Your Home “Pet Safe” at ChristmasChristmas is here, and with it a number of holiday hazards for your pet. As you prepare to celebrate Christmas and ring in the New Year, here are some tips to keep your pets safe.

Watch for Food Hazards

The holidays mean much food is served in your home. Keep hazardous foods away from your pets. These include:

  • Avocados
  • Sugar substitutes
  • Beer
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Macadamia nuts

To make sure your pet is as safe as possible, keep human food up and out of reach.

Block Off the Tree

Your Christmas tree is full of tantalizing toys called ornaments. Your pet is a risk to the ornaments, and visa versa. Do your best to block off the tree if your pet simply won’t leave it alone.

Plan for Company

Company is fun for you, but it can be stressful for your pet. If you are planning a major get-together at your home, consider having an alternative arrangement for your pet. Having your pet safely in his or her crate or relaxing in a part of the home where your company is not can help limit stress.

Give Pet Gifts with Caution

Yes, you want to spoil your furry companion at Christmas, but this does not mean that your pet understands or even expects a gift. If you are going to buy gifts, make sure they are something your pet can love and appreciate. A new toy is a great idea. However, use caution with the Christmas-themed dog bones and treats. Many are made with less-than-ideal ingredients that could make your pet sick.Never compromise the health of your pet for novelty items.

Keep Pets Indoors on New Years

New Years celebrations often include fireworks. Protect your pets by keeping them indoors, preferably in a safe room or in his crate, if he is afraid of fireworks.

Remember, it may be the happy holiday season, but pets don’t always understand all of the changes that come their way this time of year. Take some precautions, and ensure that the holidays are happy for all of your family members, including the four-footed furry little (or big) ones.

Make your home “pet safe” at Christmas,

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