As they are so cute and sociable, it is natural that you or your children would want to own a penguin as a pet. Penguins are not allowed to be domesticated in Canada or the United states unless you have special permits such as those held by a certified zoo and you would have to purchase your little guy after being born in captivity from a facility holding USDA permits.

Penguins require special environments depending on the breed. They require fresh salt water habitats and eat over 400 pounds of fish per year depending on their size. Not every veterinarian knows how to treat and care for penguins and veterinarians specializing in penguins would be extremely rare but is an important consideration. They are such peculiar little creatures and require such specialized environments you are much better off going to the zoo where you can enjoy the humbolt, gentoo, rockhopper and king penquins without the expense of actually owning one. The “South Pole up North” at the Calgary Zoo is a great place to watch the penguins and in January 2018 you can watch “The Penguin Walk” every day! If you love to watch penguins the Calgary Zoo is the place to go!


Penquins: So adorable but do you really want one as a pet?,

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