Tips on cruising with a pet




Cruising with Your Pet


Can you cruise with a pet? The answer depends on the cruise line, because for some cruise lines the answer can be yes. Some pet-friendly cruise lines welcome furry companions along with their human patrons. If you have booked a pet-friendly cruise, here are some tips to keep in mind.


Know the Type of Accommodations Afforded to Pets on a Cruise


If you have an idea of cruising with your pet and keeping him in the cabin with you, you are not quite on the right track. Pet-friendly cruises keep your pet in a kennel, which you can visit throughout your cruise, rather than keeping it in the room with you. This helps protect your pet by preventing the chance of him running loose on the ship and getting into mischief, while also protecting other passengers that may not appreciate a pet in their room with them. These kennels and pet-care areas are very nice, and you can see your pet regularly. It can still be a nice holiday but keep in mind it is not the same as having your pet in your room with you as you would in a pet-friendly hotel.


Know Your Pet’s Abilities


To be a good pet passenger, your pet needs to be healthy, up-to-date on vaccinations and have an ability to be social around other animals. While the staff will protect the pets from each other, it would be best not to bring a pet that is anxious around other animals on a ship particularly in a foreign environment which could add to his/her stress.


Book Early


Like many pet friendly hotels, most cruise lines with “pet accommodations” have limited room for pets, so you will want to book early if you plan to cruise with your pet, especially if you have a large dog that might require two kennel spaces. Be sure to call the cruise line before booking to ensure there is space for your pet and make proper arrangements. This is also a great time to speak one on one with an agent so that any of your questions can be answered.


Cruising with your pet can be a great experience for both of you, if you know the rules and what to expect. Do your research, and enjoy taking a cruise knowing your pet is just a few steps away and you can visit anytime.




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