Does it seem to you that being “pet friendly” is becoming more and more common? Pet friendly hotels, dog parks and even restaurants where your pets are welcome are almost commonplace now. Why is this? A look at some key pet related statistics may help you understand.


In a recent study by the American Pet Products Association, researchers found that 62 percent of all U.S. households had a pet. Of those, the majority of the homes (46.3 million) had a dog, with cats coming in a close second at 38.9 million households. This shows that pets have become a mainstay in our society, and if you own one you know that they are certainly a vital part of your family.


Interestingly, even though more households owned dogs than cats, there were more total cats in the industry than dogs that same year. 86.4 million of America’s pets were cats, while 78.2 million were dogs. Based on the sheer number of pets in homes, freshwater fish were the most common, with 151.1 million in the industry.


The pet industry also translates into a significant moneymaker. Over the years, this amount has gone up by about $2 billion annually due to an increased number of pets and inflation. In 2011 alone, pet owners spent $50.96 billion on pet related expenditures.


What do these statistics show us? They show us that being “pet friendly” is a good idea, because the majority of homes in the country have a pet that they love and take with them whenever they travel.


Based on pet travel research, pet owners choose not to travel at all if possible when the only option available is to leave their pet in a kennel. If pet owners can travel with their pet, they tend to stay on average an extra 2-3 nights per trip when they have their pet with them. With Fido in tow, they no longer feel the need to rush back home to get out of the  boarding kennel.




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