Five-reasons-not-to-give-pets-as-giftsFive Reasons Not to Give the Kids a Pet at This Time of Year


It’s the perfect Disney fairy tale ending to Christmas morning. There, behind the packages and bows, sits a new puppy or kitten, the very thing the kids were asking Santa for the last several years. Yet before you give in to the demands for a pet on Christmas, consider these reasons why Christmas may no be the best time to add a pet to your family.


  1. The Holidays Are Busy


Pets, especially if they are babies, require tons of attention. Think about how busy life is during the holiday season. Do you really have the time to attend to the needs of a baby animal? Not only that, but the noise, hustle and bustle can make it harder for the puppy or kitten to adjust to life in the new home. Also, if you have family and friends coming to town, you make the adjustment period even harder for your new pet.


  1. The Holidays Are Hazardous


Did you know that tinsel, poinsettias and shattered Christmas ornaments are dangerous for pets? During the holidays your home is filled with dangers that a curious new pet could get into easily. Even the foods that you are serving up can be dangerous.


  1. It’s Cold Outside


If you are planning to housebreak your new pet, rather than litter or paper training it, is the weather conducive to that? If you live in a cold climate, those many trips outside with the puppy are going to be tedious.


  1. The Kids Will Be Distracted


If your kids are older and will take on much of the responsibility of the new pet, the holidays are a bad time because of the many distractions. New toys, friends and family may keep your child’s attention off of the new pet.


  1. After the Holidays Is Better


If you are going to give your child a pet this year, wait until after the holidays. Find a time when life slows down a bit for your family, your child can give the pet the attention it needs and everyone will be able to adjust to the new family member. This will lead to a better overall transition for everyone.

Pets As Gifts at This Time of Year? Why Not?,

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