Pet Travel on Ferries

BC Ferries Free Pet Travel

Pets Travel Free on BC Ferries!

BC ferries does a great service to pets and their owners as pets are now welcomed on BC Ferries and have been for quite some time.

BC Ferries also want their passengers to enjoy travelling with them and they know people have more enjoyable travel when they can bring their four legged furry friend, hamster, birds, hedgehog, ferret or anything else we pet owners love.

There are a few things you need to know when travelling with your pet on the ferries in BC.Water dishes are provided for pets but you should bring your own water. All pets other than dogs should be enclosed in their normal carrying case such as birds, cats, hedgehogs etc. Always clean up after your pet no matter where you are, which all responsible pet owners do as a normal courtesy. Dogs should be on a leash when outside of the vehicle.

There are designated areas where you can also walk your dog within the terminal itself before you board the ferry, but once on the ferry all pets must remain on the vehicle deck. Certified service or guide dogs are the exception as they are permitted in the passenger areas.

All walk- on passengers with dogs are permitted to board before vehicles. If you arrive after vehicles are loaded please wait until you are told by the crew to board, as vehicles and dogs do not mix. For the safety of your pet wait for the signal to board as this is an unfamiliar place for them and they may startle with all the traffic.

As an added service BC Ferries presently provide kennels on the Queen of Oak Bay (Horseshoe Bay- Departure Bay route) giving pet owners the option of remaining with their pet in the pet area or leaving their pet in a kennel while they have dinner or relax in the visitor lounge upstairs.

Always call ahead if you have any questions. BC Ferries can be reached by calling 1-888-BC Ferry (223-3779)

Happy Sailing!

Pets Travel Free On BC Ferries!,

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