Routine Care for Your CatAs a cat owner, it’s your responsibility to make sure your cat is living a healthy, long life. One way to do this is through routine care. Here are some basic tips and tricks to keeping your cat clean, healthy and happy.


Basic Hygiene

Cats are great at washing themselves, so you don’t need to do regular baths. If your cat requires one, have a friend hold her while you wash her. Use warm, not hot, water, and wash the cat as quickly as possible to avoid undo trauma. Wrap her up in a warm towel afterward.

Long haired cats need to be brushed from time to time. Regular brushing, which most cats enjoy, will keep her coat from getting tangled and knotted.


Dental Routines

Your cat’s teeth need to be brushed to keep them healthy and strong. You’ll want to introduce brushing so you can do it several times a week. Also, you can purchase cat food that helps build strong teeth. Have your cat’s teeth regularly checked by the veterinarian to ensure there are no developing problems.


Help for Hairballs

Hairballs are one of the most common problems associated with cats. To minimize this problem, brush your cat regularly to remove loose hair. If your cat frequently struggles with hairballs, consider switching to a food formulated to loosen them.


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