Stretching That Pet Travel BudgetTraveling is expensive, and pets can be expensive, so when you combine the two, you will need to find ways to save. Pet friendly hotels often charge fees for your stay to help them clean the room after your visit, and you sometimes need extra gear when traveling with your pet. How can you stretch that pet travel budget to ensure that you can enjoy your trip without breaking the bank?

First, consider your transportation. It is almost always more affordable to travel by car with your pet, if your destination is close enough. You will not be allowed to take your pet on a train or bus, so flying is the another option, but you will pay an additional fee for your pet.

Next, choose your pet friendly hotel carefully. Most will charge fees, but not all. Sometimes, pet friendly hotels will allow pets for no fees and some will charge a small fee to cover any additional cleaning costs. If you need to stay in a hotel that charges a fee, do your research to find pets can stay options that have low fees or refundable charges. Some pet friendly hotels may also ask you to sign a pet waiver or place a damage deposit but generally they will not. Always ask about pet policies when booking your hotel.

Once you arrive, choose your activities carefully. Opt for the local dog park instead of the pet boutique, and you will save. Take a walk through the mountains or along the beach with your dog, rather than paying for a kenneling service while visiting an attraction that does not allow pets. With these tips, you can save money even while traveling with your pet.

Stretching That Pet Travel Budget,

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