Pet Owners Are Happier and HealthierA study from Saint Louis University and the University of Miami (Ohio) recently concluded what pet owners have known for a long time – living with a pet makes you happier. Often, that happiness translates into healthiness as well.

In this study, those who owned pets were found to have higher self-esteem, fewer feelings of loneliness and less fear than those who did not have pets. This is of course, not a surprise to those who have pets in their lives already. We know how valuable that undying friendship is. We understand what it means to have someone to greet us when we come home at the end of a busy workday, with a wagging tail or soft meows to say hello.

Pets can stay neutral when we have a big issue to discuss. They give us a reason to get up in the morning, even when we don’t want to. They give us a reason to come home at night, even if the house is otherwise empty.

This type of emotional support actually translates into better health. Lower blood pressure, fewer problems with depression, and similar health factors are all true about people with pets. Not only that, but the need to provide pets with exercise often gets
people out of the house and on the road for a walk or run, thus further contributing to health.

So, the next time you buy something for your pet or spend a few moments searching for pets can stay motels, remember: by doing so, you are investing in more than just your companion. You are investing in your health.

Studies Show Pet Owners Are Happier and Healthier,

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